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We are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation in any building. TV equipment,
laptops, wireless phones, household appliances or power supply lines – any of these
can disharmonize the balance of the human organism.

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How is electromagnetic pollution defined?

Electromagnetic pollution arises when the natural electromagnetic field is artificially modified by humans. All electrical devices are continually emitting electromagnetic radiation consisting of several components. One of these components, so-called neutral waves, does not have a negative effect on the human organism. Interference waves however which are attached to neutral waves do have a harmful effect on humans.

The resonance effects of these interference waves change biological systems in the body. Brainwave measurements of test subjects showed that electromagnetic pollution has an immense effect on the brain activity and results in a measurable decrease in mental activity. Depressiveness, headache and lack of energy are only a few to be mentioned among the results that may occur.

What are the results that may occur from electromagnetic pollution?

  • Insomnia
  • Lack of concentration
  • Decrease in performance
  • Circulatory disturbance
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Allergies
  • Neurodermatitis

Electromagnetic harmonization

Dr. Peter Backwinkel

The basic principle of electromagnetic harmonization is quite simple. Any wave can be neutralized by a counter wave.

Dr. Peter Backwinkel, director of the IPR, Institute for Electromagnetic Harmonization, has developed a technique to create the neutralizing counter waves. With this technique the counter waves can be transmitted into buildings or technical devices by using frequency modulators.

Dr. Peter Backwinkel

In order to eliminate unwanted interference waves, the IPR makes a detailed analysis of existing harming radiation. The neutralizing counter waves will then be installed precisely next to the electrical installation, at walls, ceilings and technical devices. The electromagnetic harmonization will provide a constantly positive environment.

Frequency modulators (approx. 4,5cm in length)


The basic principle of electromagnetic harmonization

Interference wave

IPR neutralization


The evidence of the performance enhancing effect of electromagnetic harmonization

In collaboration with the Stuttgart Institute for communication and brain research the IPR tested the brain activity of test subjects before and after the electromagnetic harmonization. The results show a significant increase of the brain activity after the harmonization.

Brain activity before electromagnetic
harmonization by IPR

Increased brain activity after electromagnetic harmonization by IPR

Furthermore other negative effects of electromagnetic pollution on the human organism like disorder of metabolism, disorder of functions of organs or tissue changes can be avoided.

Scientific evidence of success through harmonization:

Measures for electromagnetic harmonization

Electric installation

The measures for the harmonization will directly be effected at the main incoming supply, the distribution board and at single transformers. No rebuilding is required and there are no restrictions for the use of the building.


Interference waves from mobile communication, UMTS, digital radio broadcasting and television etc. have a resonance with human cells and disturb the communication of cells within the body. After harmonization of the façade the harming waves are neutralized and the radio frequencies for wireless communication can be used without limitation.

Technical equipment

Independent from the harmonization of the electric installation the technical equipment needs a separate harmonization as well. The different devices might have to be harmonized as interference waves may occur by their transformers or similar converters. There will be no limitation of use of Bluetooth and wireless equipment for PC’s through the harmonization.

Property / Heating / Cooling

Geological radiation can also have negative effect on the human body. Underground water course junctions, fissures and fracturations “have harmful physiological effects according to experience” (Neufert, Bauentwurfslehre, 36th edition). Basement/reinforced concrete/armoring, building material, water and sewage, district heating as well as cooling ceilings can even enhance this effect. IPR focusses on the physical aspect of terrestrial radiation and only waves that are in resonance with the human body are being neutralized.

Our satisfied customers

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The Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs when handing over the new building: &qout;Today you will receive a fortress against electromagnetic pollution".
The harmonization created a supreme working environment in order to increase the well-being of the employees. Better working conditions result in more satisfied employees. Increased ability to concentrate and higher performance have been the result of the harmonization.
"Relaxed at home, just like in holidays but even better."
"Recharge your energy with all the comfort. I enjoyed the stay and was completely refreshed."
"It is amazing to be able to work concentrated without being completely exhausted at the end of the day."

IPR harmonization - scope of service


Bovis units

The lowest positive level to stabilize the energy level of the human being.


Bovis units

Positive energy level which enables the human being to increase his own energy level.


Bovis units

Increased energy level, ability to concentrate is significantly higher.


Bovis units

“Recharge energy station” providing energetic well-being on physical, intellectual and emotional level.

Prices are calculated for a house or apartment of 150 m² of size in Hamburg or Berlin (for other areas travelling expenses will be added).

IPR Additional services

Mobile phone / smart phone harmonization

The Sim-card of the mobile phone will be harmonized by means of physical transmission of frequencies to neutralize the harmful frequencies. Thus the mobile phone will be harmonized by this Sim-card and the user will be protected against dangerous effects.


Energy activator

The energy activator stabilizes the energy field of the human and protects against harmful effects for the body. It can easily be carried in the trouser pocket or with your key chain.


Sleeping birth harmonizer

The chip card releases and harmonizes your sleeping birth. You will have a relaxing sleep without electromagnetic pollution or natural harmful interferences.


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